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Solutions For Your Dairy Effluent Systems

Welcome to Environmental & Civil Solutions

Dairy effluent systems are our forte. With now over 7 years in dairy effluent design and construction our experience and knowledge in dairy effluent systems is second to none (our first project still being fully compliant). We will work with you to develop the best solution for your individual requirements for your dairy effluent system. Our aim is to provide the ideal solution using best practice solutions.

If you are considering building or upgrading your dairy effluent system, then you need to call Environmental & Civil Solutions. Whether you are considering a storage pond to fit in with your existing dairy effluent system, an alternative pumping solution, irrigation or a full upgrade, we will tailor a solution that matches your requirements, budget and far exceeds the appropriate standards.

With the ever increasing pressure, brought on by environmental concerns of Regional Councils, environmental groups etc, laid on dairy farmers with dairy waste, dairy effluent and fertiliser usage, sometimes the answer is not always straight forward. We are here to help!

We can design and install a dairy effluent system that more than meets the required standard and suits your farm’s situation. Our dairy effluent systems incorporate components that are to a standard that, sadly, isn't often seen in rural construction. We stand by our work, as can be attested by our clients.

If you need information please contact us - Let our experience in the industry be part of your farming success!