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Dairy Effluent Systems - Design and Build

Dairy farms all suffer the same problem, what to do with the effluentand waste produced by the herd. Managed and dealt with effectively and you have few issues, but if your systems are not correct or out of date you could well be looking at reduced income, health issues or even the heavy hand of the law.

With many successful installations under our belt we are able to offer you an effective solution to your individual farm's problem of effluent.

Amongst our services we include:

  • Lined storage ponds to match herd size
  • Solids traps and Separators
  • Pipelines
  • Surge Chambers
  • In-ground concrete tanks
  • Pump stations
  • Electronic control and automation

With advancements in methods and technologies for dealing with effluent, they are very different from just 10 years ago. We can help design and construct the right system for you and not just an 'off the shelf' one size fits none package. We use tried and proven componentry from reputable suppliers.

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