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Using our extensive skills and experience our team can provide start to finish solutions for all civil engineering projects. Our services include the following, click on each for detail and if you need additional help or assistance please call us.

Dairy Effluent Systems – Design and Build

Dairy farms all suffer the same problem, what to do with the effluentand waste produced by the herd. Managed and dealt with effectively and you have few issues, but if your systems are not correct or out of date you could well be looking at reduced income, health issues or even the heavy hand of the law.


Farm Effluent System Evaluation and Continued Support

This service provides you with an initial evaluation of your whole system and as much or little support for as long as you may require. Consents are getting more and more specific and ensuring you are adhering to the conditions require tracking of effluent irrigation and testing of effluent content. As we all know conditions change as equipment gets older or replaced, upgrades get done, stock numbers change, stock feed practices change, farm practices change and even staff changes. Corporate Board members, absent owners, share-milkers and workers can all be liable.

Included in this service

  • Effluent Analysis as required. We suggest 3 times a year as factors change. This is to verify the nutrient content of your effluent to confirm your nutrient application and for your nutrient budget input and as Farm Dairy Effluent Assessments
  • An application test on your effluent irrigator at continued intervals as required to confirm application rate and depth as part of your effluent management plan.
  • Run the dairy effluent storage calculator for the farm and updates as required.
  • Check all areas of the effluent system and catchment areas for possible risk as part of your effluent management plan.
  • Effluent system operating manual and updates for training and procedures manuals, reference for employees
  • Effluent management plans and reviews
  • Consent checks for identifying risks and requirements
  • View your nutrient budget and check nitrogen loading
  • Risk Assessment for your Health and safety plan.
  • Pre-season checks

Dairy Effluent WOF

The Dairy Effluent 'Warrant of Fitness' (WOF) is a voluntary programme assessing your effluent system. It helps you understand all the requirements to make sure your system is fit for purpose and capable of being compliant 365 days a year. You will receive a brief report with good and not so good points of your system, some practical advice and your effluent irrigator application test results.

The assessment is carried out by a trained and certified independent professional and takes three to four hours on farm assessing all components of your effluent system. Included in this assessment is

  • An application test on your effluent irrigator.
  • Checks your consents to ensure all requirements are being met
  • Views your nutrient budget and checks nitrogen loading
  • Runs the dairy effluent storage calculator for the farm effluent system
  • Checks storage facility for signs of possible risk area
  • Looks at all catchment areas
  • Identifies hazards and notes general health and safety requirements





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