Papa Pump - Self powered water pump

Long established History; Many will remember the hydraulic water rams of many years ago; massive, cumbersome and prone to deterioration. Papa Pump's patented technology brings the water powered pump into the 21st century.

The Papa Pump is capable of transporting in excess of 3500 gallons (16,000 litres) of water per day from a flowing stream or river, using ONLY the energy of the flowing source. It can deliver water to a height of 30x the distance from the water source supply to Papa pump location.

Our pump operates with a totally new, patented, pumping concept which uses an efficient valve compared to traditional RAM Pumps which have a diaphram. The Pump we are so proud of has been developed in Cornwall, UK and many hundreds of Papa Pumps are working day and night around the world in a variety of situations and pressures.

Why PAPA and the Heart logo?
PAPA is short for Pump Activated Pressure Amplifier, which is such a mouthful, it was shortened to PAPA. As for our Heart logo - listen to any correctly working Papa Pump and there is a reassuring heart beat sound.

The Papa pump is small and operates noise free - ideal for rural situations anywhere in the world. Wherever they are installed, our pumps help conserve scarce resources of fuel and water.

Use of the Papa Pump saves money for consumers and water companies as expensively cleaned water is conserved for mains water grids for human consumption and farm animals get spring or river water (which they much prefer anyway)

Papa Pump policy on water abstraction; saving precious mains water is a serious task for everyone around the World and while using a spring or small stream may not present a problem, abstracting a large quantity might require a permit from the relevant national waterways regulator (in the UK it is the Environment Agency) depending on the site of the Papa Pump and type of water source. Papa takes its responsibility very seriously to lead best practice for every installation wherever it is around the World and can advise all users of their obligations.

For more detailed information please visit the papamup website - click here

We are the New Zealand exclusive distributors of the Papa Pump. If you would like to know more or discuss your needs in detail, please call or email.
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