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What We Do

The effective use of your land will make a difference between the success or failure of your planned project. Our experience allows us to bring an extra dimension to the table, often suggesting ideas that improve the project that may not have been considered, BUT we listen! That is why we are seen as the right people to call...

• Dairy effluent systems 
• Environmental control projects
• Farm Environmental Health Checks
• Effluent collection and lined storage ponds

Planning and Engineering Advice
• Feasibility studies
• Independent project reviews
• Engineering Assessment reports
• Cost Estimates
• Survey, Design and Documentation

• Construction and Project Management 
• Sewer design and construction
• Water supply establishment
• Electrical supply
• Drainage systems and structures
• Pavement design
• Concrete works, kerb & channel etc
• Roading, driveways, entranceways
• Retaining Wall Structures

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